At the age of 8, Josh Doughty learnt how to play his first piece of music on the kora, a West African21-string harp. His initial lessons started at his home in Wales with his father Adam Doughty. Watching and listening to the melodic instrument as a child, Josh developed a fascination for the kora and a desire to master this unique and complex instrument. 



Josh's natural talent was soon noticed by the master kora musician, Toumani Diabate and in 2007 Josh was invited to Bamako, the capital of Mali, to study under Toumani in his home. During this time, Toumani became Josh’s teacher, mentor and friend. Josh would spend hours playing the kora with Toumani, improving his skills and immersing himself in Malian culture

Josh Doughty has become a member of a dynasty that is transforming the kora, widening its audience and breaking new ground ”

— Songlines

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